DJI Tags

This table lists tags found in the maker notes of images from some DJI Phantom drones.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 Make string  
0x0003 SpeedX float  
0x0004 SpeedY float  
0x0005 SpeedZ float  
0x0006 Pitch float  
0x0007 Yaw float  
0x0008 Roll float  
0x0009 CameraPitch float  
0x000a CameraYaw float  
0x000b CameraRoll float  


XMP tags used by DJI for images from drones.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-drone-dji family 1 group.

Tag Name WritableValues / Notes
AbsoluteAltitude real  
FlightPitchDegree real  
FlightRollDegree real  
FlightYawDegree real  
GimbalPitchDegree real  
GimbalRollDegree real  
GimbalYawDegree real  
RelativeAltitude real  

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Last revised Jun 23, 2017

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